What Does The Best Training Programme In The World Look Like ?

Whatever your health and fitness goal is, your training whether that be in a gym or not will play an important role. Having a training programme is an essential part of the journey to results, so what does the best programme in the world look like ?

Well, it would look completely different person to person. It all comes down to what your goal is. If you are a 50 y/o woman who’s goal is to lose weight your “perfect plan” is going to look a lot different to the plan of a 26 y/o rugby player. So knowing what is best for you to do training wise in order to attain your goal is important obviously from a theory standpoint.

But let’s think about it, let’s say we hire the best sports scientist around to make a plan for the rugby player to do in the gym. From a strictly theoretical stance based around getting stronger this plan may only include barbell exercises really heavy for a number of sets on each. Whilst this may be optimal for the players goal, it’s lacking in variety which would bore the hell out of a lot of people! Most people love having variety to their training e.g using machines, body weight and bands to train. If you dread your programme and their are absolutely no parts of it you enjoy, how are you supposed to stick to it for long periods ?

Take my own training for example, I don’t always follow the guidelines I’ve learnt in my education as a trainer or always do the exercises most in line with my goals despite it working the best for that. So really somebody could look at my training and say there are a lot of areas that could be improved. And I’d agree with that, however I know what I love doing in the gym, I know what can bring me results and which kinds of programmes I’m going to stick with consistently. And that’s the key right there, it’s what’s going to bring you results and what you can do on a consistent basis.

When training myself and clients I’ve found getting get a good mix of what is the most effective in terms of the goal set but also what said person enjoys doing in the gym the most to is a good approach. It increases the likelihood of keeping that consistency whilst also delivering the end result.

So yes we do need to stick to the tried and tested theories around exercise and the idea of the “perfect plan” but we also need to tailor those to fit our own needs in order to stick to it long term. If we can get this balance right there’s no reason we can’t keep exercising and seeing results from this for years and years!

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